How To Find A Real Good Cambodian Woman

You can meet beautiful women from other cultures, without ever leaving your home to do so. The Internet allows you to connect with people living in other continents too. So, why not dating Cambodian women? This is an easy and fun way to meet a new partner.

If you’re looking for true love or friendship, dating an exotic Asian woman might just be what you’re looking for. A truly satisfying relationship doesn’t just happen by itself and this is why dating the right woman can be so exciting for both partners. In fact, there are some signs of a dark-eyed, gorgeous girl just waiting for you to show her your true colors.

Dark eyes

The most obvious sign of a beautiful Cambodian woman for marriage is her eyes. She won’t look straight at you, but she’ll look right back at you. If she’s not smiling when you talk to her, that tells you something about where the relationship stands. When a girl smiles at you, she wants you to smile back.

Smiling earrings

The next time you meet a girl who strikes your fancy, ask her if she wears earrings. If she does start digging through her jewelry box for the perfect pair to wear that night. A beautiful, dark-eyed girl with perfect piercing ears will be thrilled to get married to you. So, once again, dating Cambodian women for marriage starts with picking up on your woman’s positive vibe.

Cuddly hair

You can spot a woman who’s eligible for marriage by the way her hair looks. A woman who always seems to have a full head of hair is most likely a Vannary singer. They have broad shoulders, big backs, broad thighs, and are just generally a healthy, happy guy to be married to. You should date Cambodian women for marriage who have naturally golden hair – no chemical products and dyed or highlighted hair.

Love handles

One of the best indicators of a western man for marriage with a woman from the east is whether or not she has a firm, large, love handle. This is exactly what a Vannary woman has. If she doesn’t, then she’s not the type of woman you should start dating. It’s not her personality.

No one wants to date a Cambodian lady who has a lot of cultural baggage. So the first step to meeting educated, successful, beautiful Cambodian women is to do some background research on them before trying to meet them offline. Go to live shows with local artists. Get to know the dancers and the local dishes. That will give you a better idea of what to expect in the woman you’re dating.

Dark eyes

A woman with dark eyes is almost certainly a Vannary singer. Most often, the darker the eyes, the higher the education level and the more accomplished the individual. Try to meet a couple of these Cambodian women for marriage. You’ll find they all have dark eyes.

White skin

The lighter the skin, the higher the social status of the individual. So it’s more likely that a dark-skinned woman with a very successful career will be successful Cambodian mail order brides. But don’t automatically assume she’s one of the pretty ones. She might have come from a poor background or been subject to physical abuse.


Education is a must in any relationship. And this is especially true in the case of dating western women who want to get married to an educated man from a foreign country. Your chances of dating educated guys from a foreign country are much better than dating ones with less education. Many Cambodian girls study abroad or attend evening classes for a month. If you want to get married to a smart, successful man, keep your eyes and ears open.


Just like in western countries, learning the skills of a woman will not hurt you in Cambodia dating. However, many Cambodian girls in internet dating sites are asking for men who have knowledge of their culture and upbringing. If you have a good background in your home country, you can use that as an advantage when you talk to the girl you’re interested in. On the other hand, if you don’t have much knowledge about her culture, you might want to ask her out on a blind date.


It’s hard to trust someone who is just new to the relationship. This is where experience comes into play. Many Cambodian girls in online dating sites are looking for someone experienced in the relationship. So make sure to find someone who has experience in dating Western women. You can do this by sending her emails, going out on dates, etc.